Stationing Service – Hong Kong Young Ambassador Scheme

Stationing Service

By joining the Hong Kong Young Ambassador Scheme this year, I have become more confident to lend a friendly hand to tourists. Through participating in the stationing service, I have been equipped with skills and knowledge that are useful in everyday life.  It is a valuable learning experience for me. By giving a bright smile and a warm greeting to tourists, you get a friendly smile in return. It is so touching as their smiles stand for their appreciation and recognition of me. My experience of stationing at tourist attractions also inspired me a great deal. I now understand that “Service” does not begin with answering questions but with a greeting. A heartfelt smile can “serve” tourists as well as satisfy their needs. From now on, each and every one of us should not be so stingy when smiling at our visitors. If tourists experience the charm of Hong Kong through its smiles, they will be even more attracted to our city.

Lao Monica Ang
Hong Kong Young Ambassador 2013/14