Scheme Contents – Hong Kong Young Ambassador Scheme

Participants of the Hong Kong Young Ambassador Scheme are required to take part in a series of core skills training sessions, including how to tell stories, customer service and receiving tourists, the key components for promoting hospitality. Particular emphasis will be placed on showing them the hidden gems of Hong Kong and helping them discover different parts of the city. In recent years, participants have further benefited from the best practices and experience shared by prestigious companies, such as Ocean Park Corporation, CLP Power Hong Kong Limited and Dukling Limited.

Upon completion of the training, participants will be appointed as Young Ambassadors and engaged in distinctive voluntary services throughout the school year 2021/22. The Young Ambassadors will be stationed at popular tourist spots and greet visitors at tourism promotional events. They will also initiate activities to promote Hong Kong’s local characteristics and unique attributes in the community. In recent years, the Young Ambassadors have had opportunities to serve at major tourist attractions, such as the Hong Kong Tourism Board Visitor Centres and the Ocean Park, and at mega entertainment and “M” Mark sports events such as the International Chinese New Year Night Parade and the UCI Track Cycling World Cup, Hong Kong, China. Young Ambassadors who study outside Hong Kong will, on the other hand, organise activities to promote Hong Kong and Chinese culture at their schools and colleges.