Stationing at Major Tourist Spots – Hong Kong Young Ambassador Scheme

Every weekend and during the public holidays, Hong Kong Young Ambassadors station at Hong Kong’s major tourist attractions and facilities, serving tourists and locals. They introduce Hong Kong and provide visitors with useful travel information, putting forward the warm hospitality as a Hong Kong Young Ambassador. Through different activities such as guided tour services, game stalls and festive music shows, we hope to provide visitors with an unforgettable experience in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong Young Ambassadors have provided stationing services at the tourist attractions listed below:

At the sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck, Hong Kong Young Ambassadors are responsible for serving visitors, assisting them in experiencing various facilities, checking their entry tickets, and answering their enquiries

At the Former Fanling Magistracy, Hong Kong Young Ambassadors act as tour guides and lead visitors in exploring different parts of the Magistracy. They hope to deepen visitors’ understanding towards heritage conservation and introduce the changes and development of the Magistracy and the New Territories

At Ngong Ping 360, Hong Kong Young Ambassadors introduce festival-themed activities and give their whole-hearted blessings to visitors.

At the Hong Kong Wetland Park, Hong Kong Young Ambassadors assist with origami and badge-making workshops, aiming to introduce some common plants and animals seen in the park

Hong Kong Touring 

Apart from stationing services at popular tourist attractions, Hong Kong Young Ambassadors engage in Hong Kong touring training sessions and services. The Young Ambassadors 2021/22 participated in the “Hong Kong Neighbourhoods” campaign in West Kowloon run by the Hong Kong Tourism Board. After attending training sessions, the Young Ambassadors provided guided tour services for schools and social welfare organisations, targets including primary and secondary school students, ethnic minority students, overseas exchange students, university students and students with master’s degree. Through English and Cantonese guided tours on the special landmarks in West Kowloon, they hope that local and foreign teenagers may get to know Hong Kong with a new perspective.

Hong Kong Young Ambassadors are introducing the history of Liu Ma Kee Limited – the traditional sauce and the story of their establishment since 1915. Liu Ma Kee is now referred as the “King of Bean Curd”.

Hong Kong Young Ambassadors are introducing the campaign “Tin Hau Temple Dragon Boat Well-wishing Gold Foil” and demonstrating the skills of pasting the gold foil into the Well-wishing Dragon Boat.

Hong Kong Young Ambassadors are telling the stories of the antique “The Ladies’ Chair” in Tung Nam Lou Art Hotel. They are also introducing the Chinese custom of foot binding, which was a practice that was carried out on young girls in the olden days.

Hong Kong Young Ambassadors are introducing the well-known King of Chopping Board “Man Kee”, and are sharing tips on how to protect and preserve your chopping board.