Organising Local Promotional Activities – Hong Kong Young Ambassador Scheme

Hong Kong Young Ambassadors separate into groups to design activities that promote Hong Kong’s tourism. The activities are divided into two themes, focusing on sensory experience, aiming to introduce the cultural monuments and natural scenery of Hong Kong. They encourage tourists to visit outlying islands, the Hong Kong Geopark and hiking trails to experience the charming natural sceneries of Hong Kong. With their creativity and teamwork, at the same time making good use of a hybrid mode, they promote the distinguishing features of Hong Kong and to compete for the “Outstanding Project Award”. 


To allow tourists and locals to discover different perspectives of the city, also owing to the recent popularity of self-guided tours, Hong Kong Young Ambassadors have filmed guided tours of the 18 districts of Hong Kong, hoping that tourists and locals may deepen their understanding of Hong Kong. The videos introduced the daily life of local citizens, delicacies and culture of Hong Kong. Some outstanding videos are shown below: