Training Programme
“When I first considered joining the Hong Kong Young Ambassador Scheme, I imagined it would be similar to other volunteer work, where a group of dedicated individuals are recruited, briefly trained, sent to help the community, and then disbanded. However, upon participating in the training sessions of the Scheme last summer, I realized it was very different. We were assigned to different groups, each with their own co-ordinators. These co-ordinators are very experienced Young Ambassadors who have served in previous terms. They were very good and keen to help us break the ice in the group. This helped me immensely to enjoy the training and make friends with the other Ambassadors. I liked the idea of an older generation of Young Ambassadors showing a new batch of Ambassadors the ropes, offering personal guidance and help them grow and shine as new Ambassadors. They also designed a vast array of games and activities for us, such as Orientation in the city. They provided chances for us to enjoy and gain valuable knowledge about Hong Kong. Now I can say with pride when someone ask me about why I would spend so much time in Hong Kong Young Ambassador Scheme – It’s because of these unique experiences that are offered by the Scheme alone!”

Yip Ki Fung 

Hong Kong Young Ambassador 2013/14

(Right: Yip Ki Fung)